Jan. 27th, 2012

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Now that Minecraft has KITTENZ Kimberly says she'd like to try the game. (Recent exchange: "Damn, I just got killed by a creeper!" "Any kittens killed?" "No." "Oh, it's OK then.") She only wants to play multiplayer, though, which is tempting me to set up my own server. Questions:

  1. Is this a good idea, for a non-tech head like myself?
  2. If (A), then would anyone like to join it?
If it were just Kim and I then we'd build a compound, breed animals (Kim wants me to bring her "lots of pink sheep") and do other couple shit. If more folks joined I'd build dungeons and so forth.

I returned to Minecraft after getting stuck in Arkham Asylum: My reflexes are just too damn slow and I couldn't get through a fight with Bane AND a room full of thugs. (I'm sure most of you breezed through this part, but please keep that to yourself, OK? It's embarrassing.) It's too bad because I was really enjoying the game. I love stealthing around, carefully planning each takedown, but the quick-time events are hard for a lousy typist who was diagnosed with bad reflexes as an infant and who hasn't gotten better with age.

A comparison with DC Universe Online is instructive. I created a maskless Batwoman type, and got all of Batman's fragility without the stealth. None of the money, either, and you have to return to vendors to repair your equipment all the time. You also have to buy soda, the main source of healing in the game. (Funny, I don't remember Bats quaffing Mountain Dew very often...) I got to 10th level and called it quits.


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