Jan. 30th, 2012

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Switching between Minecraft and assorted MMOs inspired fantasies of a niche MMO called "World of StoneCraft."

It'd be an MMO set in the Neolithic era, loosely defined. Some folks would be hunter-gatherers, others farmers, still others fishermen or herdsmen. Players would make their own tools and weapons with sticks, stone, feathers and bone. They could also build their own shelters with leather, wood, mud, stone and straw. Crafting skills would necessary for survival and key to the game, not just tacked on to the monster slaying.

There would be the occasional monster, hiding in caves or deep in the wilderness, and NPC villagers might give quests to kill them. (Other quests could include rescuing lost villagers, providing supplies, or killing PCs that have killed villagers or stolen supplies.) Day-to-day survival, though, would be the main challenge at the start of the game. You'd need food (possibly of different types), water and shelter from the cold. Killing would be necessary, for meat, leather and bone, but the targets would be mammoth and buffalo instead of zombies or dragons, for the most part.

There'd be some magic: shamanism, witchcraft and crude paganism of some sort or another. I can imagine players building shrines to deities, and getting buffs from animal sacrifices, while shamans would travel to the spirit world and have their own quests there. There would also be herbal remedies and first aid skills.

The map would have to be huge for the whole thing to work, but there could be a natural progression on each server, from hunters to farmers, as the land gradually fills up. Of course farming would be less exciting than hunting, so maybe it that would serve as a thermostat to keep the population down. That assumes, of course, that anyone would find the concept intriguing other than myself.


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