Jul. 27th, 2012

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Hoo-boy, two months since my last entry. There's been a lot of stuff to blog about, both personal and non-, so much so that it's prevented me from blogging about anything. "Do I write about the honeymoon ... or the new job ... or the health care decision ... or the comic-book cheesecake debate ... or game ideas... or...?"

Well to hell with it, here's a series of bullet-point summaries.

  • Kimberly and I took a cruise to Turkey and the Greek Islands. Both of us have posted pictures, and I'd be happy to share impressions with anyone interested.
  • While I'm still working for the State Senate, off-and-on, I also got a statistician/mapper job for the Nassau Legislature Democrats. It's been frustrating, largely (I've heard) because the county executive (a Republican) has blocked the supplies we need. So after a month I still don't have a key to my office or my mapping software, and I've spent far too long with nothing to do.
  • Naturally I'm happy with the Supreme Court decision on the ACA, but alarmed at the closeness of it. Thinking about the Supremes fueled my whole idea of a "Rational Republic," but since that isn't on the agenda, I think there should at least be a supermajority requirement for striking down acts of Congress. Great decisions like Brown were unanimous, and while I wouldn't demand unanimity I think a 6-3 (or even 7-2) majority should be necessary.
  • On comic-book cheesecake, it may surprise some people but I fall on the anti-cheesecake side. I do so with reservations, though: I find some of the anti- arguments unconvincing, or inconsistently applied, and my general skepticism of politicized cultural criticism kicks in from time to time. I do think more women should be recruited into the industry. Maybe Wonder Woman could be reserved as a comic for female writers and artists? I think the ghost of William Moulton Marston would approve.

I could say more about the last bullet point, and comment on game ideas and so forth, but this is long enough for now.


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