Aug. 16th, 2012

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The other night [personal profile] moonlightalice and [personal profile] wellgull were telling me about playing Settler of Catan marathons until the wee hours of the morning. Naturally I thought of Minecraft because ... well, that's what I've been doing since Spring 2011, but also because both games are about resource extraction, and I would love to see trading arise in a competitive, multiplayer game of Minecraft.

Anyway, here's a first draft outline of how it might be set up:
  • The game map uses the new "large biomes" feature. All cattle and sheep would be killed off in advance.
  • There are a series of designated "intersections," placed at equal-size intervals around the map.
  • In half of the intersections (or so) there will be ruins of villages and the ruins of a special building (a library, cathedral, a pyramid, whatever). Monster spawners will be placed in both.
  • In order to "control" an intersection, the player would have to have a contiguous, powered railroad connecting it to her starting position or to other controlled intersections. (My guess is players would be given some or all of the materials needed to build it.)
  • In order to "control" a village, she would have to control the intersection, destroy the monster spawners, and repopulate the village to a certain level. Two villager eggs would be placed in a chest in the ruined village, along with two animal eggs, either cattle or sheep.
  • In order to "control" a special building, one would have to control the nearby village and rebuild the structure, based on specifications given in a book in the ruins. Some materials that are not available locally would be required.
  • Players would start the game on opposite corners of the map, with a starter chest of adequate personal provisions (food, sticks, maybe iron, a bow and some arrows).
  • PvP would be prohibited, although some chests may include deadly monster spawners (creepers, blazes, what have you) which could be placed at will.
  • Players would get 1 point per controlled village, 1 per special building, and 2 points for longest (rail)road. First player with 10 points wins.

Any thoughts?


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