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As I've said before, I think the computer RPG has eclipsed the paper & pencil variety, at least when it comes to the player's experience. (I know this doesn't hold for Narrativist RPGs, but I don't like Narrativist RPGs. They're supposed to be collaborative story generators, but I see them as dull games that create bad stories.) Sadly, this leaves wannabe Game Masters without a creative outlet. Minecraft creative mode can serve as an adequate dungeon maker -- see Vech's Super-Hostile series to see some great examples -- but it isn't a good world-making tool.

Here's an idea for a game that would create a CRPG world as you play. Ideally it would start with a small multi-player group -- three to a dozen, perhaps -- which would expand as the world grows. I imagine it progressing in two or three phases:

Phase One: The War Against Chaos, Darkness or Evil

The players start out in world dominated by sinister monsters: Giants, Titans, Dragons, the forces of the Dark Lord ... Ideally there would be many options, and the player that reserves the server space could choose one. The object of the Phase One would be to defeat the Evil Overlord(s) and rule the world in their stead.

A key part of this phase is that once the Dark Force leaders are defeated, their minions would flee and hide from the big bad PCs. They'd withdraw into caves, dense forests, mountain passes and the margins of the world. They would become important later.

Phase Two: The Golden Age

In Phase Two the PCs are the new gods. (New players can become "young" gods in this Phase, with limited opportunities for monster-fighting.) They can build their Olympus/Asgard/Valinor and, more importantly, can create the first mortals. There can be only a single mortal race, or several, and in the latter case the general rule will be (a) the first races have the best magic and craft skills, but (b) each later race will be more numerous and will push the earlier ones to the world's margins. Once the last mortal race is created you can move to the third Phase.

Phase Three: The Heroic Age

In the final (?) Phase, players can take the roles of mortal heroes. For old players, these could be the children of their god-characters (in which case, they would have to be from the last mortal race, i.e., humans). These heroes would battle the monsters left over from Phase One, and fight for or against the kingdoms established in Phase Two. In this Phase the gods would only be able to intervene in extremely limited ways (and those playing demi-god descendants wouldn't be able to intervene at all). The game would be much like a standard fantasy RPG at this point.

So, what do people think?
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