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The Mayan epic the Popol Vuh has two fascinating sections in which heroes travel to Xibalba, the land of the dead. (The "X" is pronounced sh.) Xibalba lies underground and will remind any longtime D&D player of a dungeon. In fact it inspired one of my D&D adventures a couple years ago, in which the players had to survive trials in four "houses," just as Hunahpu and Xbalanqu had to in the Popol Vuh.

Now I'm going farther, mapping the whole Hero Twin journey for Minecraft. I'm doing my best to follow the epic, in which the heroes

  1. Left their farm
  2. Went "over the ledge of a steep slope"
  3. Came to the mouths of Rustling and Gurgling Canyons
  4. Passed throw Scorpion Rapids
  5. Crossed Blood River
  6. Crossed Pus River
  7. Came to the Crossroads between Red Road, White Road, Yellow Road and Black Road
  8. Greeted the lords of Xibalba, and endured a pair of practical jokes
  9. Survived the trials in Dark House, Rattling (Cold) House, Bat House, Jaguar House and Razor House
  10. And finally, defeated the death gods in a ball game.
So far I've only finished the Rustling and Gurgling Canyons, as shown by the screencap below.


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